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Values and Objectives

 Here at Capital Environment, we follow a set system of beliefs and values.

Devotion: We are committed to offering our clients the best possible service and contributing to the future of China’s waste disposal industry. 

Sustainable Development:We believe that the development of our company should be in line with the economy, society, and environment in order to achieve global harmony. 

Technological Upgrades:As a result of attaching great importance to technological advancement, we are committed to scientific research and development. We are also committed to working closely with internationally leading waste treatment technology suppliers to ensure that our expertise and service quality is top-notch..

Teamwork: We have established partnerships with a number of internationally renowned waste management companies, enabling us to effectively determine the most suitable waste treatment solutions for the plants operated by us or our clients.

Our Mission: To keep our land free of complications brought by trash.

Our Vision: To become the leading investment operator and comprehensive environmental service provider in China’s solid waste field. 



Capital Environment Holdings Ltd.

Mobile phone:(852) 2526 3438

Telephone:(852) 2526 3438


Address: Room 1613-1618, 16 floor, Bank of America centre, 12 Cecil Harcourt Road, central, Hongkong.