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Comprehensive Waste Tr

Capital Environment uses a variety of industrial technology to separate and process urban municipal waste and kitchen waste.

     Urban Municipal Waste Separation and Processing: The waste is sorted according to different characteristics and technology such as the garbage bags, particle size classification, magnetic sorting, wind sorting, near-infrared optical sorting, and bounce sorting. These combined measures are designed to suit the national conditions and create a completely functional and stable sorting system. Recyclable materials such as metals and plastics are recycled after sorting and dry anaerobic or aerobic composting is used to sort organic materials.

      Kitchen Waste Separation and Processing: The process includes the sorting of debris, pulping, separation of sand and gravel, and the extraction of grease. The extraction of recycled grease is carried out followed by the effective separation of plastics, gravel and other debris, and then wet anaerobic fermentation to sort and process organics.



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