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Automotive Disassembly

 Capital Environment makes use of spare automobile part manufacturing and automotive disassembly techniques commonly seen in the recycling of used vehicles in the United States. Through a unit-based disassembly line, Capital Environment to pre-screens used cars by removing airbags, oil, refrigerants, and other components. Recyclable parts such as glass, bumpers, lights, generators, motors, and other remanufactured parts and components are disassembled manually or with the help of a machine. After disassembling the interior and the five main assemblies, the mechanical crushing and sorting of the vehicle is carried out and recyclable materials such as metals are recovered. The remaining non-reusable parts are then processed harmlessly.





Capital Environment Holdings Ltd.

Mobile phone:(852) 2526 3438

Telephone:(852) 2526 3438


Address: Room 1613-1618, 16 floor, Bank of America centre, 12 Cecil Harcourt Road, central, Hongkong.