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Power Generated via Incinerati

 Capital Environment achieved the mature and innovative application of world-class incineration technology in China. Through in-depth cooperation with international waste incineration equipment providers and technical service providers, Capital Environment combined internationally advanced reciprocating grate incinerators, heat recovery steam generators, and flue gas purification systems to conduct waste incineration treatment. Capital Environment ensures that emission indicators, tons of waste power generation and power consumption, flue gas purification effects, and equipment integrity rates have reached the international level.

     Capital Environment’s waste incineration treatment process has solved issue of dioxin pollution, completely eliminated the secondary pollution hazards of traditional waste incineration, and completely achieved the goal of “reduction, harmlessness, and resource recycling” waste disposal. In addition, the waste incineration process is combined with the sludge drying and de-carbonizing technology, allowing the sludge generated by the municipal sewage treatment plant to be co-processed.





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Telephone:(852) 2526 3438


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