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Human Resources Concept: At Capital Environment, the people are primary capital
Here at Capital Environment, we believe that without outstanding pioneers it is impossible to have outstanding achievements.
Capital Environment views their employees as capital, not as resources.
Resources are intended for consumption and used to transfer value, not add value.
Capital, on the other hand, acquires value over time as it is supported by continuous investment.
By viewing our employees as capital, Capital Environment adds to their value by providing training and education to help them improving their work quality and professional skills.
What Capital Environment gives our employees is not the end product, but the skills required to achieve that product on their own.

People at Capital Environment are: Devoted Pioneers, Professional, Virtuous, and Outstanding
Devotion is our commitment to the corporation and to each other.
Professionalism is Capital Environment’s key market advantage. Without professionalism there cannot be competition. Having proficiency in a particular field is our way of survival.
Keeping our word is the most basic component of morality for all employees. When everyone values integrity, integrity is reflected in everything they do.
Through their hard work and contributions, our outstanding employees have not only blossomed in their own lives, but have also cultivated the business and allowed it to grow into what we see today. 


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Capital Environment Holdings Ltd.

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Telephone:(852) 2526 3438


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