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Capital Environment greatly values employee training and career development planning, especially training that focuses on grooming professional managers and business leaders in order to improve the overall quality of high-level professionals. Capital Environment has formulated a system for high-ranking employees based on several criterions. Through the development of various types of job training and continued education, Capital Environment has systematically increased professional development systems for high-level and multi-disciplinary employees. On the basis of improving employees’ ideological and moral qualities, scientific and cultural qualities, and health qualities, Capital Environment emphasizes helping their employees to develop their ability to learn, practice, and innovate. Capital Environment is devoted to establish a learning based organization.




New Employee Training

The new employee training program aims to help new employees fully understand the corporate culture, the development history and current status of Capital Environment as well as its developmental strategy, main businesses and industry characteristics. The program also aims to familiarize employees with corporate rules and regulations, and to grasp the departmental and job responsibilities of the departments they belong to as well as project workflows. This is all in an effort to encourage new employees to integrate into their departments as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Professional Technology Training 

The professional technology training program is aimed at helping employees improve their work efficiency. The program focuses on aspects such as professional literacy, enhancing job skills, and professional development. This training is to integrate corporate goals and job requirements with employee career development planning which will ultimately improve the professional skills of employees.

Professional Manager and Leadership Training

Professional manager and leadership training is designed to help mid-ranking managers gain internationalized modern entrepreneurial qualities and skills, improve corporate competitiveness and industry status, and enhance personal professional leadership qualities.




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Telephone:(852) 2526 3438


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